4 New Attributes added in Google My Business

Google My Business

Google has added 4 new features to Google My Business, now we can add these to our GMB listing.

As we know Google is always trying to improve its services, so this time Google added 4 new features to GMB, now business owners can use these features and make their business listing more attractive and targeted.

4 New attributes added to GMB

  • Online Appointment
  • Online Classes
  • Online Care
  • Online Estimates

Now you can add these attributes and any other attributes to your GMB listing. Google may show them in relevant search queries.

These attributes in GMB are designed to grab searchers’ attention by highlighting important services offering. Searchers can use these attributes to make more informed decisions about where to visit.

GMB attributes have helping searchers to find the locations like “hotels near me”, “wifi”, and other things.

Due to COVID 19, many businesses shifts offline to online this year. With this business listing feature of google, many businesses gets traffic. This time people seeking online alternatives to service.

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What is GMB Listing

GMB is a free tool created by google to help business managed its online presence across Google’s platform. This business listing is the combination of an online directory listing and a social media profile.

With this online directory you can list your business on GMB and populate it with vital information like photos, hours, and location.

You can also publish photos from your social media profile to your business listing. Customers can also upload photos of your business without leaving a review. They can also give review to your business and share them.

How to find your GMB profile

You can find your GMB profile simply by searching your business name, location, etc. GMB is not a public-facing directory on that consumer search. GMB is a database from which the search engine pulls the data and show them in search results. You can see in the given example.

Google My Business

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