Top 5 Best Keyword Research tools for free


What is ‘Keyword Research’ in SEO?

It is a core part of SEO that is used for finding or identifying the related keywords, phrases or signs which are most searchable on search engines. It targets a particular audience that is searching for any secret signs like buy shoes online, order food online, etc.
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Keyword Research

Top 5 Keyword Research Tools Free for use in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In today’s world, everyone is using the best tools for keyword research. All are want to rank their websites/blog on search engines like google, bing, etc. There are various tools used for keyword research some of them are paid and some are free. So, I bring some of the free tools for keyword research which is sufficient for finding some secret signs and work on them.    If you are facing any problems in SEO or finding some keys for your blog Contact us.      

1.Google Trends   Google trends is a website powered by google. It finds popular searches/queries from the world and provides them in order from high to low search volume. It also provides search results in a graphical manner. Google trends also search for queries from a particular country.  

Google Trends

2. Ubbersuggest
Ubbersuggest is a free tool for keyword research. This SEO tool is specialized in generating new keyword ideas for your website/blog or a product. Ubbersuggest shows the search queries as google terms. Ubbersuggest is also used for checking backlinks and for SEO website audits.

Ubbersuggest Keyword Tool

3. KeywordTool.io
The KeywordTool.io is an SEO tool used for finding keyword, competition analysis, PPC checker tool. KeywordTool.io reviews are the best it find the most searched results and provide in a file. KeywordTool.io is also used for the growth hacking of Instagram and the growth hacking of  Youtube.  


4. Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner tool is a special part of Google Ads. Google Keyword Planner is used for the research for keys for campaigns. Google Keyword Planner tool generates the results with competition analysis. It is used to run campaigns but we can also use this for our website by finding the best keys. We can also select a particular location in Google Ads. You can also target a particular city/town or country

Google Keyword Planner

5. WordTracker
Wordtracker is the alternative of google keyword planner. This tool is mainly designed for keyword research for Google Ads. WordTracker is a free keyword finder tool that provides search results accurately. It provides a number of samples that can not provide by other tools.

Wordtracker Keyword Research tool

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